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Active Posted on 27 Jan 2021


3+ yrs




Full time

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Worldwide Deployments

SATCOM Field Service Representative

SimbaCom is seeking a Field Service Representative for SATCOM Terminal Installation & maintenance to join our team.  This professional will provide professional and technical support for the installation and maintenance of the satellite terminal in various locations around the world.  Deployments are in 1-year increment contracts. 

Principal Duties 

•       Perform the installation of the satellite terminal equipment and ensure proper operation of the equipment. All required test equipment and installation tools shall be provided by the Subcontractor. Tasks include at a minimum: 

•       Unpacking, inventorying, and recording the model and serial number of the equipment

•       Physical assembly of the satellite terminal antenna, and connection to associated RF and modem equipment 
•       Installing all signal and power cables
•       Ensuring all signal and power cables and connections are properly run and terminated

•       Ensuring the BUC, LNB and Modem are properly installed and operating

•       Ensuring the terminals are tracking the satellites

•       Activating and configuring the RF and modem equipment

•       Connecting the modem to the customer equipment and ensuring proper operation over the satellite link

•       Performing end-to-end connectivity and IP BER test to confirm proper end-to-end connectivity with 100 (50 x 50) Mbps data throughput to the teleport

•       Installing, activating, and testing the BGAN terminal for remote management  Labeling connectors as specified.
•       Moving all packing material to a customer designated area

•       Support installation of the radomes

•       At the end of each day, provide report to customer management and Network Operations Center on status of
Installation & ongoing comms as directed.

•       Provide assistance as needed and availability of on call, 24/7 support


•       Must be a U.S citizen and hold a minimum of SECRET clearance

•       Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering preferred. In lieu of a degree, qualified applicants must have 5 years of related experience.

•       Must have active passport with at least one year available. 

•       Minimum of three (3) years’ experience in support of installations, repair, troubleshooting or maintenance of communications electronic systems or equipment.

•       Minimum three (3) years of experience with installing 2.4 m AvL or GDSatcom terminals